The Best Practical Guide to Baby & Child First Aid


Easy-to-follow advice, nurse and parent-tested methods and clear illustrations will show you how to:

  • Assess a situation and stay calm
  • Treat the injury in a child-friendly way
  • Call for help
  • Make your home child-safe
  • Keep yourself in peak condition so you can care for your kids

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Sarah Hunstead and her two daughters

About Sarah

The reason for writing this book is simple: I want every parent and family to be empowered with the skills and knowledge to help a child in an emergency situation.

Whether it be a grazed knee, a choking episode or resuscitation, I want you to have the skills to remain calm and apply effective, child-friendly CPR or First Aid. This book will help you to do this.

I am a nurse and mother. I understand how it feels when someone you love more than anything is hurt, and you want nothing more than to take away their pain and fix them.

I hope the information in my book gives you the confidence to tackle any situation you’re faced with.

Enjoy every second of parenthood; the tough times and the good.



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From Kylie Stark

''This book will give you practical skills. Empowering skills. Life-saving skills. Skills to confidently watch and encourage your children as they explore the world and take the risks that are essential if they are to become brave and resilient.''